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Tuesday, 2nd September 2014

Fisheries Division - MAFFF


2014 Royal Agricultural & Industrial Show

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Niuatoputapu - 6 August 2014

Niuafo'ou - 7August 2014

Vava'u - 9 August 2014

'Eua - 15 August 2014

Tongatapu 22-23 August 2014

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New Government Investment Incentives to Support Private Sector & Development

The Tongan Government introduce further initiatives to support the private sector including streamlining business licence schemes and tax incentives. The Investment Incentive Bulletin was launched on Wednesday 6 August 2014 at the Ministry of Revenue Customs Conference by the Minister responsible, Hon. Siosifa Tu'utafaiva. You can access to it on the Government websites: and

The new initiatives to support investment and growth of the private sector are based on consultation with the private sector, as part of the government undertakings to foster closer partnerships with the private sector. These new investment incentives complement and extend what is already in place, and are included in Investment Incentives Bulletin. They include:



Observer Refresher Course

14th - 18th July 2014

obs refresher 2014

Mrs. Losaline Ma'asi, CEO of the Ministry of Agriculture & Food, Forests and Fisheries officially opened a one week Observer Refresher Training for all Tonga's current active observers followed by a 4 weeks debriefing training for three (3) Tongan Debriefer Trainees. The aim of this training was to provide an opportunity for these observers to refresh, update and up skill their knowledge with regards to observer data collection and reporting thereby leading to more improved and quality data collected and reported by these observers.


Signing of the Agreement between the Fisheries Division of MAFFF and the Vava'u Fisheries Council


The signing of the agreement between the Ministry of Agriculture & Food, Forests and Fisheries and the Vava'u Fisheries Council took place at the Fisheries Division Office on Saturday, June 14 2014. This was in accordance to his Majesty's Cabinet decision to hand over the fish market and the wharf to the Council to manage.  This will enable the Council to work together with the fishermen more efficiently, thus further develop the fisheries of the Vava'u group.  The ceremony was attended by the Crown Prince, Prince 'UlukalalaTupouto'a, Hon. Luani, the Minister for Labour, Commerce and Tourism ViliamiLatu, the Consular to Finland AtiloaFifitaLatu and the members of the Council as well as fishermen and the Fisheries Division staff.


MAFFF staff trained on biological sampling of coastal fishes

biological survey

Training Partcipants at Fisheries HQ

A two-week training course for Tonga Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Forests and Fisheries (MAFFF) staff is currently being held at Fisheries HQ. The training, which is being facilitated by Dr Brad Moore from the Coastal Fisheries Programme of the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC), aims to improve the skillsof MAFFF staff in conducting biological sampling of important coastal finfish species. Specifically, participants are learning how to determine a fish's sex and maturity status, how to take samples for genetic analysis and how to extract otoliths, or fish 'ear-bones', for age estimation.


New Special Management Areas (SMA) for Tonga


The Minister responsible for Fisheries, the Honourable Sangster Saulala, approved the declaration of three new Special Management Areas (SMA) for Nomuka (Ha'apai), Taunga (Vava'u) and Fafa (Tongatapu), which wereGazetted on the 4th of December 2013. Only people approved by the Coastal Community Management Committees (CCMC) for Nomuka and Taunga will be permitted to fish within their respective SMAs.